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Expert Wisdom Teeth Removal Services

Wisdom teeth, also referred to as third molars, can often bring discomfort and potential complications when they emerge during late adolescence or early adulthood.

At Metrowest Oral Surgical Associates, we specialize in providing comfortable wisdom teeth removal services aimed at alleviating these challenges and fostering a pain-free and healthy smile. Your oral health is our foremost concern, and our team is committed to delivering exceptional care for wisdom teeth removal.

If you’re experiencing discomfort or wish to prevent potential issues with your wisdom teeth, take the first step toward relief by scheduling a consultation with us today.

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Tailored Solutions for Every Scenario

At Metrowest Oral Surgical Associates, we recognize that each patient is unique. Our skilled oral surgeons provide personalized solutions for every situation.

For fully erupted teeth causing discomfort, a straightforward extraction with local anesthesia ensures a painless procedure.

For wisdom teeth covered by soft tissue, we make a small incision, remove the tissue, and extract the tooth using sedation options focused on your comfort.

Surgical extraction is necessary for impacted wisdom teeth. With local anesthesia and sedation, our surgeons make small incisions, ensuring your ease throughout the process.

Experience highly individualized wisdom teeth removal at Metrowest Oral Surgical Associates, where your well-being is our utmost priority.

To facilitate a smooth healing process, consider the following:

  • Plan for a day or two of rest.
  • Stick to soft, easy-to-chew foods.
  • Follow oral care instructions diligently.
  • Expect some swelling and discomfort.
  • Avoid strenuous activities for a few days.

When scheduling, consider school breaks for students and align with work and personal commitments. Having a support system during recovery is reassuring. We’re here to guide you toward a comfortable recovery.

We also understand that the prospect of wisdom teeth removal, or any oral surgery, can be anxiety-inducing. That’s why we offer a range of sedation options to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

Whether you prefer milder sedation or deeper options like local anesthesia, oral sedatives, or intravenous (IV) sedation, your peace of mind is our priority. Our experienced team will work with you to select the best approach, guaranteeing a comfortable and stress-free removal experience.

The Excellence of Metrowest Oral Surgical Associates

At Metrowest Oral Surgical Associates, we prioritize your comfort above all else. Your well-being is not just a checkbox for us; it’s our steadfast commitment. We genuinely care about ensuring your wisdom teeth removal process is smooth and free of pain.

We invest in cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient and optimal outcomes. Our dedication to leading rather than following sets us apart from the rest.

Our elite team is continuously enhancing patient care through ongoing education, staying at the forefront of oral surgery advancements. Choose us for a pain-free, healthier, and happier smile.

Select Metrowest Oral Surgical Associates for a team that prioritizes your journey, embraces technology, and continually works to enhance your experience. Schedule your wisdom teeth removal consultation today and experience the difference.

If you have any questions or if you’re ready to schedule your wisdom teeth removal, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Metrowest Oral Surgical Associates today, conveniently located in Framingham, Northborough, and Milford, to begin your journey toward a healthier, more comfortable smile.

Meet Our Oral Surgeons

Dr. Ouano image

Dr. John P. Ouano

Dr. John P. Ouano received his dental degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1992. Dr. Ouano is a fellow of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. He is board certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.

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Dr. Youseff image

Dr. Wael Youseff

Dr. Wael Youseff received his dental degree from Damascus University and then completed his dental education at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine in Cleveland Ohio. Before private practice, Dr. Youseff was an assistant professor and director of the internship program at the Boston University Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency program.

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Dr. Frangos image

Dr. Jennifer Frangos

Dr. Frangos is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. She is part-time clinical faculty at Tufts School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Frangos donates one Saturday per month at the Middlesex Prison in Billerica, MA. Since 2019, Dr. Frangos has sat on the Massachusetts Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Continuing Education Executive Committee.

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Dr. Atassi image

Dr. Hamza Atassi

Dr. Hamza Atassi is a specialist in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. He is a caring surgeon with a gentle chair-side manner who believes every patient should be treated as if they were family. He is committed to providing the highest quality, skillful and personal service that one deserves. Dr. Atassi takes pride in creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for his patients and his mission is to prove that oral surgery does not have to be scary.

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